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Mixed Review for Dodocase

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I was very excited about getting in a Dodocase for my iPad. I wrote an article then about how the Dodocase was a great idea. I had to wait 6 weeks for the case to arrive. The look is exactly what  I had hoped and expected. It is a very sharp looking case and has a great feel when carried.

Unfortunately, I found it very awkward to type on when elevated in a landscape orientation. the problem is that unlike the standard Apple case the bamboo border elevates the screen to a level that just is beyond comfortable to type. If I hadn’t used the Apple case while waiting for the Dodocase it might have not been a deal breaker. The border also seems to raise the iPad up in a manner that doesn’t feel as natural as the Apple case.

Durability may be an issue with this case. Although the case seems to be made out of very good materials and workmanship. I found myself worrying about damaging the case. The folds got sharp edges on them after only a couple days of use. This might be normal but it reminded me of a book that was beginning to fray.

The Good Things

  • Handmade in the USA (I wish more items were)
  • The look very professional and non-intrusive
  • The feel carrying the iPad felt very natural

The Bad Things

  • Not as easy or natural to type on as the Apple iPad case
  • The raised up feeling position of the iPad that was not comfortable
  • The durability issue

In the end, I still think that Dodocase is a good value for the money. I am very pleased and impressed that it is made in the United States. I love the concept that is simple and very familiar. I found that it is not as functional as the Apple iPad case for typing and the durability issue made me conscious about the way that I folded the device while watching movies. It is good on so many great levels it is just the couple that it comes up short may determine if it works for you.



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July 19, 2010 at 5:38 pm

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