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Apple to offer VOIP?

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What if Apple took the next logical step and provided voice-over-ip calling on its iOS platform?  They have already created the best video calling application with FaceTime. The way that FaceTime works is that it uses the AT&T‘s cell network to initiate the call then it switches to wifi network when the video conference is established. What is keeping AT&T from opening up this wifi video and voice network to other applications and other uses? The VOIP competition isn’t great for Apple to overcome Vonage doesn’t get that home service and cell service for a person should be one account. While I like Skype and the price is very reasonable, it still has that lost in the bottom of a bucket sound. Skype misses the Apple end user experience that we all pay for.  This could be the way to deal with all the bad carrier problems and just use AT&T and the rest for data? With the newly announced data limits by AT&T and other carriers following suit that may be the plan.


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July 6, 2010 at 10:21 pm

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