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Varrow encourages engineers to blog

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I have found some very helpful information on the the Varrow Blogs website. Varrow is a North Carolina Vmware solutions provider that encourges their engineers to post a weekly blog. The idea is to share the expertise learned from the filed with the IT community as a whole. The project was the brainchild of Varrow CTO Jeremiah Cook who saw it as a way to document what the engineers were learning as a group and make it available to everyone.  The blogs range from happenings at Cisco Live to instructions on how to prep an XP machine for Vmware view.


The Varrow Blogs (started 2008) at are still getting lots of attention and will remain to be our largest social networking presence.  If you didn't know, all Varrow engineers create a blog entry weekly.  In these blogs, they share their Varrow engagement experiences, talk about whats new and just share their opinions.  The theme of the blogs follows the focus of Varrow, with heavy emphasis on storage, virtualization, backup and disaster recovery.  Many of our customers and our peers have found these blogs very helpful.

Since then, we added a company twitter site, a facebook account and we also have a page on LinkedIn and Youtube. Hopefully these pages will be just as popular.


Please check this out.  

Great stuff.


Written by adamsafire

July 3, 2010 at 4:54 am

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