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Apple iPhone 4 antenna issues a greedy mistake?

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After holding the iPhone 4 without the 30 dollar bumper case and holding the same phone with the bumpers in place you have to wonder if the bumpers were part of the original design. The case with the bumper case on feels very natural in your hand. Much more like previous iPhone models. Without the case the phone has rough edges and feels heavy yet breakable at the same time.

Is it possible the bumpers were removed from the actual phone in a move to increase the margin on the phone? Think of it the bumper case problem only cost a couple of dollars at most to produce so most of the thirty dollars is profit enhancement. It is just very convenient the way that the groves on the edges and the bumper almost magically come together and make the phone feel much less rigid and like a normal Apple product.

I also find it very hard to believe that Apple would miss the reception problems caused by holding the phone without a case. My guess is the bumper case was on the phone during the testing phase.  The hardware analysis company Anandtech created the chart below as part of a thorough review of the iPhone 4. The chart based on signal degradation that was recorded by holding several different devices in a variety of positions.

Given further credibility to this idea is that Apple Insider has a report of Apple giving bumper cases to a longtime customer who was having reception issues.


Written by adamsafire

July 3, 2010 at 4:14 am

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