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It seems that there is a technology overload lately. Just when you are starting to get a handle on the iPad and all it features then iOS 4 is released. Isn't it a pain that you have to mentally translate back and forth between iOS 4 and the outdated 3.2 on the iPad?

The update of apps seems to be slower for 4 than prior major iPhone upgrades. The first big batch of upgrades tricked through over the last few days.  I am still waiting for some apps to have their iPad compatible version.  I wonder if the transition from iPhone to iPads apps is more difficult or just time consuming. Maybe the developers are just spending the time to make the most of out of the capabilities of the iPad.


Google loses a long-term mid-market customer due to their inability to have accountability over their Message security email filtering service (formally Postini.)  Postini was a great company and provided wonderful service. As discussed in an earlier post, Google does not know how to work with companies in the mid-market. Customer Care, renewals and sales are completely different silos that do not communicate about a customers issues or concerns. The only thing that they have to offer is to continually lower their price. They need to understand that unlike their culture where there is no accountability for performance and customer service, IT leaders in the mid-market are held accountable.


Spent some time with Sprint’s EVO phone. It is huge and feels strange in your hand. The screen is huge and has cool animations after the load of the main screen.  The battery life is abysmal good thing it has a removable battery. My guess is that in normal use you will need swap a couple times during work hours. The Android operating system is awkward and the movement on the screen lacks the fluid feel of the iPhone. Using he Android market was easy and straightforward. The camera on the phone was very good and Google Goggles worked very well. I wanted to like this phone but the size and feel combined with the non-intuitive and awkward operating system ended my interest.

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June 28, 2010 at 1:55 am

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