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Google has no concept of business relationships or the value of an existing customer. Heard from a friend who had been a long time Postini customer. Since the purchase by Google, the service has gone done hill fast both from a quality and Customer Servicestandpoint. After calling and emailing multiple times, with no response from Customer Service, my friend emailed his account manager to explain how the quality of the product and support was at unacceptable he might have to consider moving his service. Twenty hours later he got an email saying that Customer Servicewas involved and that there was a link on the console page that displayed system health. After multiple calls he finally spoke with the account manager’s manager, who explained that the all policies and procedures concerning his email was followed properly.  The Google person explained that mail filtering was not as critical service like Google Apps and that they just didn’t see the investment in time individually manage his account. My friend asked if they couldn’t take care of mail filter why would he ever trust them with his company’s e-mail.  Extremely disappointing.


Otterbox  is getting closer to the long awaited release of their defender iPad case. They are about 1 week away from pre-release.  Hopefully it is as solid as the the iPhone cases. From the folks we heard from we have every reason to believe it will be worth the wait.





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June 13, 2010 at 1:23 am

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